My Promise to Assembly District 9

Overcoming Obstacles

All Californians face obstacles to success.  I will use the influence of this office to help you overcome obstacles and improve your life.  You will have a friend in government, and you will not be alone in your struggle to overcome obstacles to success.  I will work to ensure all residents of Assembly District 9 have access to housing, education, healthcare, and justice.

Genuine Representation

Millions of Californians feel excluded from the political process by politicians who practice extreme partisanship, favor special interests, and use their positions for personal gain.  We deserve better!  If I am elected, you will receive genuine representation.  You will always be welcome at our offices and encouraged to share your problems and complaints.


My experience as a business owner of ten years taught me the importance of honesty, transparency and accountability.  For this reason, I am video documenting my campaign and will continue to do so daily throughout my administration.  This footage will be made available online, ensuring the public knows exactly what is taking place in my office.