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A product of this community – I am grateful for the opportunity it has provided for my family and me.  I grew up in Galt, where I attended Valley Oaks and Fairsite Elementary, Greer Middle School, and graduated from Galt High School in 2002.  My most impactful memories are of watching my mother pursue higher education.  My father supported our family with his small business, while she spent sleepless nights studying at our kitchen table.  In time, she transferred from Cosumnes River College to Sacramento State, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree.  Her accomplishment remains one of the most pivotal experiences of my adolescence, as it paved the way for me to do the same.

My mother has since attained her Master’s degree and become an amazing teacher, touching the lives of countless students over the years.  Today, my father is a successful local business owner of nearly thirty years.  Although at times it was difficult, my parents were able to earn their success due to the opportunities found right here in this community.  Their example taught me the value of hard work, determination, and consistency.  I learned to feel comfortable taking on seemingly impossible challenges, and developed the fortitude to persist in the face of adversity.  These lessons served me well as a small business owner of over ten years, and as a student.  After attending Cosumnes River College, where I earned associate degrees in geography, social sciences, and liberal arts, I transferred to the University of California, Berkeley, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with a specialization in American Politics.

Many of us have been excluded from the political process by politicians who practice extreme partisanship, favor special interests, and use their positions for personal gain.  I believe the people of Assembly District 9 deserve a representative that prioritizes their interests.  I will devote my administration to providing every member of our community with true and equal representation.  I believe we need greater transparency and accountability in government, and I will fight to ensure Californians know how their taxes are being spent.  Most importantly, I will commit myself to helping the people of Assembly District 9 overcome obstacles to success.  I ask that you join our campaign, and together, we can change the way the game is played.

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