Concerned resident of Assembly District 9,

An important idea has been lost in our society: the role of elected officials.  The purpose of an elected official is to represent their constituents.  Yet, most forget this once they’re in office, and ignore the will of the people.

As your representative, I will survey your feelings on issues: The Second Amendment, high-speed rail, twin tunnels, police and prison reforms, sanctuary policies, homelessness, affordable housing, and the gas tax.  My vote will reflect your position on these issues.

Experience is only helpful if it is used to represent the people, not stay in office.  Elected officials often feel entitled and forget they are simply public servants.  It is their job to make life easier for their constituents, not use their position as a stepping-stone.

As your representative, I will document daily activities and emphasize transparency and accountability.  My office will welcome your participation and listen to your concerns.  I will not put my personal feelings ahead of those who elected me.  Your problems will become my concern, and I will use the influence of this office to help you address your issues.

I ask voters from all parties to consider me for their representative.  You Deserve Better!

Thank you,

Mario Garcia

Overcoming Obstacles

All Californians face obstacles to success.  Although there are many, some common examples include access to housing, education, work and healthcare.  While we have agencies responsible for assisting the public in overcoming such barriers, they are largely undermanned, poorly funded, and lacking proper supervision.

If elected, I will be a friend to the people of Assembly District 9 and use the influence of this office to help you overcome obstacles and improve your life.  You will have a friend in government, and you will not be alone in your struggle to overcome obstacles to success.  Your problems will become my problems.  I will help you navigate through the channels of bureaucracy to find a solution.  I will work to ensure all residents of Assembly District 9 have access to housing, education, healthcare, and justice.  I will make the system work for the betterment of the public by ensuring existing government agencies are properly administered, and that each has adequate personnel, supervision and accountability.

Genuine Representation

I’ve traveled throughout our District and met with countless people in Sacramento, Elk Grove, Galt and Lodi.  What stands out to me the most, is that despite their desire to be included, so many people feel left out of the political process.  It’s an unfortunate reality that many of the individuals who were elected to represent us, instead practice extreme partisanship, favor special interests, and use their positions for personal gain.  They attend public forums and meetings, listen to our concerns and make promises to support us, but then vote in a manner which benefits themselves and those who finance their campaigns.  This is exactly how we find ourselves in a culture of political apathy.  We deserve better!

If I am elected, you will receive genuine representation.  I will fight for your betterment without regard for partisan politics, and I will not be swayed by special interests.  You will always be welcome at our offices and encouraged to share your problems and complaints.  While no one can guarantee desired results, I can assure you that you will have a friend in government and you will not be alone in your struggle to overcome obstacles to success.


Californians are facing the largest gas tax increase in our state’s history.  I agree that we need to fix our roads.  However, I oppose this tax, as it disproportionately affects low-income Californians.  Perhaps even more troubling is the fact that we don’t know for certain this money is being used for its intended purpose.  California’s state government spending data is more inaccessible than any other state in the country.  A lack of transparency equates to a lack of accountability.  We deserve to know where our money is going.  We deserve better!

My experience as a business owner of ten years taught me the importance of honesty, transparency and accountability.  For this reason, I am video documenting my campaign and will continue to do so daily throughout my administration.  This footage will be made available online, ensuring the public knows exactly what is taking place in my office.  I will also work to develop a comprehensive and interactive website, that allows the public to keep track of state government spending.