Special thanks to Danielle Vaughn and the Lodi News-Sentinel for featuring our campaign in their story about the upcoming Statewide Primary Election on June 5.


Excerpt from article:

State Assembly 9th District

Galt resident Mario Garcia, along with Harry He of Sacramento, will be challenging incumbent Jim Cooper. All three candidates are Democrats.

If elected, Garcia said he will work to make sure all Californians have equal representation. According to Garcia, millions of residents are excluded from the political process by politicians who practice extreme partisanship, favor special interests, and use their positions for personal gain. In 2016 alone, Garcia claims on his campaign website, California lawmakers accepted more than half a million dollars in gifts, many of which came from individuals, organizations, and corporations that employ lobbyists.

With Californians facing the largest gas tax increase in the state’s history, there is a need for more transparency in government, Garcia said on his site. According to Garcia, California’s government spending data is more inaccessible than any other state in the country.

“A lack of transparency equates to a lack of accountability. We deserve to know where our money is going,” he said on his site.

He plans to develop a comprehensive and interactive website where the public can keep track of government spending.

Garcia grew up in Galt and is a a graduate of Galt High School and holds a bachelor’s degree in political science, with a specialization in American politics from the University of California, Berkeley.

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